Tuesday, June 08, 2010

In Time

As the sleepless nights continue
I think of you
I go to that place in our lives
An intangible but a real place

Don't know if it still exists
Don't know how to get there
I just don't know
I don't know if the reason
I'm wide awake in the middle of the night
Is the thought of you or the thought of thinking of you
I really don't know...

As I lay me down
And I try not to think
But I reminisce of us
In that moment in time
That may never come back
But glad I can always go back
In time

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sleepless Movies

It's been a couple of weeks of long days and short hours of sleep, if any. My body can't seem to disconnect or turn off, for some reason. And here I am, Saturday morning with only 2 hours of sleep and updating my blog (which has been sleeping for months until recently). One thing that I've enjoyed during this time of Morpheus absence has been movies, lots of them. I signed up for Netflix's trial (if you're not a subscriber yet, I suggest you do the 2 week trial, it's free) and used the convenience of RedBox (you can find these kiosks at any grocery store), I love it!

I've watched the following movies:

  • An Education**** Looks can be deceiving and only time can reveal certain things, tell me about it!
  • Mujeres Al Borde De un Ataque De Nervios*** This a classic comedy from Almodóvar which I first saw at the movie theater when it came out in 1989 with my family (Mom, dad, sister, and I); good memories.
  • The Lovely Bones*** I loved the colors and the narration of the girl, the fantasy, and the thought that people we love, even when they pass away, still live in one way or another in our hearts.
  • Where The Wild Things Are*** The imagination of a child has no limit.
  • Julie & Julia**** Meryl streep is Julia Child in this movie and it also made me think that dreams can come true by doing what you love.
  • The Blind Side*** The kindness of a person can change the life of another one in so many ways. Sandra Bullock does a great job in this movie.
  • It's Complicated*** So funny the situation between this woman and her ex-husband, funny.
  • Abrazos Rotos**** (Almodóvar is a genius!) This is a true masterpiece of details and to Almodóvar's art.
My Netflix trial is about to expire next Tuesday... too little, too soon.

Whether you can or can't sleep, watching movies in your bedroom aka bed or living room's couch is a great way to spend time with yourself (or significant other) and relax at home. I recommend it!